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How to Make Shiny Gold Bar ?

How are traditional gold bars made? What a surprise!

The production of gold bars is still very new to most people, just like a mystery. So, how are they made? First, melt the recovered gold jewelry or gold mine to obtain small particles


1. Pour the burnt gold liquid into the mold.

2. The gold in the mold gradually solidifies and becomes a solid.

3. After the gold is completely solidified, remove the gold nugget from the mold.

4. After taking out the gold, put it in a special place for cooling.

5. Finally, use the machine to engrave the number, place of origin, purity and other information on the gold bars in turn.

6. The final finished gold bar has a purity of 99.99%.

7. Workers who work here must be trained to not squint, just like a bank teller.

Gold bars, also known as gold bars, gold bars, and gold ingots, are bar-shaped objects made of refined gold, which are usually used by banks or traders for preservation, transfer, trade and investment. Its value depends on the purity and quality of the gold contained.
According to Wikipedia, the world’s largest gold bar is 250 kilograms, with dimensions of 45.5 cm long, 22.5 cm wide, 17 cm high, and a trapezoid inclined at an angle of about 5 degrees. As of June 19, 2017, its value is approximately 10.18 million US dollars.

Nowdays Gold Bar Casting

Gold bullion is an irreplaceable form of precious metals for the market. Whether it is used as a raw material, investment product, or value reserve, its role is huge.

Regarding how to make gold bars, there are two types, traditional gold bar casting method and vacuum gold bar casting method.

The traditional gold bar making method is the most widely used, commonly found in miners or mining companies. Gold can be purified by heating gold to a certain temperature and turning it into a liquid, adding appropriate flux. After removing impurities, the gold liquid is directly poured into the mold and cooled to bars. After the gold is cooled and shaped, use a hydraulic press to logo and stamp the gold nuggets. Such gold nuggets can be used for marketing.

The casting of vacuum gold bar is usually done in a refinery because they usually need to produce gold bullion with very good surface quality and very bright. People usually prefer to buy such gold. When the refining is completed, the gold is placed in a granulator, through which it is made into small granules for weighing. Place the gold granules in the bar mold, and finally place the mold in the vacuum bar casting machine. Under the protection of vacuum and inert gas, it can avoid gold oxidation, shrinkage, and water ripples on the surface. After casting, place the gold nugget under the logo stamping machine to press out the required patterns and text. Then use dot peen marking machine to number the gold bars.

Hasung’s Latest Vacuum Gold Bars Making Technology

1. Step1: Smelt for pure gold.

2. Step2: Make gold granules or make gold powders.

3. Step3: Weighing and casting gold bars with an ingot machine.

4. Step4: Stamping logos on the gold bars.

5. Step5: Dot peen number marking machine to mark serial numbers.


Why do You Choose Hasung Vacuum Gold Bar Casting Machine ?

Hasung Vacuum machine compare to other companies:

1. It’s a Big difference. other companies vacuum are controlled by time.They are not vacuum. They just pump it symbolically. Ours pumps to the set vacuum level and can maintain the vacuum. When they stop pumping, it is not a vacuum.

2. In other words, what they have are the vacuum setting time. For example, adding inert gas after one minute or 30 seconds is automatic. If it does not reach the vacuum, it will be converted to inert gas. It is In fact, the inert gas and the air are fed at the same time. It is not a vacuum at all. the vacuum cannot be maintained for 5 minutes. Hasung can maintain a vacuum for more than twenty hours.

3. We are not the same. We have drawn a vacuum. If you stop the vacuum pump, it can still maintain the vacuum. For a certain period of time,we will reach the set After setting the value,it can automatically switch to the next step and add inert gas.

4. Hasung the original parts are from well-known domestic Japan and German brands.

May I cast Gold Bars of Different Sizes and Weights in the Machine?

This is very easily possible. At Hasung, making gold bars is what we pride in. Therefore, we are here to ensure that everything is possible. At the same time, we take good care of quality production. We can cast gold bars of different weights, such as 1oz, 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, 400oz,12.5kg and 30kg bars. It all depends on what you need. All you have to do is let us know so that we show you how to book an appointment with our specialists. They will ensure that you get the most pleasant user experience. But clients are required to customize molds with different specifications.

Can I cast gold bars of different sizes and weights on the machine?

This is easy to do. At Hasung, manufacturing gold bars is our pride. Therefore, we are here to make sure that everything is possible. At the same time, we will properly keep high-quality products. We can cast gold bars of different weights, such as 1 ounce, 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, 400 ounces, 12.5 kg and 30 kg gold bars. It all depends on your needs. All you have to do is let us know in order to show you how to make an appointment with our experts. They will ensure you get the most enjoyable user experience. But customers need to customize molds with different specifications.

What is the production cost of the vacuum rod casting machine?

The production cost of this highly innovative bar casting machine depends on many important factors. For example, before beginning the application process, you will have to know the amount of gold or silver to be minted into gold bars. Note that this will increase the total production cost, regardless of who works. You also need to calculate the amount of electricity needed and whether to hire someone to do the work for you. Based on the above, it may not be possible to provide an accurate budget for your production process. However, Hasung can help you reduce production costs through discounts and preferential prices. If you are not sure about any of them, you can visit our website to view the products we have prepared for you.

Can I get 999 purity gold bars in your machine?

This mainly depends on the nature of your raw materials. Hasung would like to inform you that the production of gold bars is a different process than the refining process. In addition, our vacuum casting machine cannot refine your raw materials. However, if you are interested in such services, we can help you optimize it. Therefore, if you provide us with extremely pure raw materials, you will only get gold bars of 999 purity. In order to avoid disappointing our customers, we usually let them know about these things before starting to cast their gold and silver into gold bars. If the raw material is 999, the finished product is also 999 and will not be contaminated.

How to install and use the machine? Can you come to our factory for service?

This is an important question of absolute honesty. So, to be honest, we will always provide user manuals and videos that can help you with the installation process. Our video quality is first-rate, and we firmly believe that if we can follow suit, the installation process will be 100% successful. However, if you are not sure, we can provide on-site engineers. Just want to let you know that you will be responsible for visas, round-trip air tickets, accommodation, local transportation and wages. However, we don’t think you need to do all of these things because the videos and manuals we provide are comprehensive and all-inclusive.

 What kind of gas do we need to protect in the vacuum casting machine?

Both argon and nitrogen can ensure your safety during use. In addition, you also need to be equipped with the correct protective equipment to prevent accidents in the workplace. We are not saying that this is normal, but it is good to stay safe, right? Otherwise, as long as the correct measures are taken at each application level, our machines will function well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team. Most precious metals companies and investors prefer gold bars to coins because they are easier to stack. Moreover, compared with their counterparts in sovereign coins, most of them have a lower premium. At Hasung, we provide some of the best solutions, which is why you need to contact us before investing in minted gold bars.

The original gold rush principle:

The chemical properties of gold are very stable and generally do not react with other substances, so most of its free state exists in sand and stone. The density of gold is much greater than the density of sand and rock, close to ten times the density of sand and rock, so it is not easily washed away by water and is easier to settle.

Therefore, the original gold mining method is to wash the gold-containing sand with a lot of water. During the washing process, the collision particles of sand and stone are getting smaller and smaller. The gold-containing sand is enriched in the front section, and then the sand with high gold content is collected in the front section. The same method continues to enrich. Until the gold content reaches the required grade.

Now the method of extracting gold from alluvial gold

There are two main methods for refining sand gold into gold: one is the fire alchemy version;

One is the withdrawal of electricity rights. Pyrometallurgy is to first crush the ore, beneficiated by heavy sand method, enrich it, and then refine it in a furnace; electrolytic gold extraction uses sodium cyanide solution to dissolve the gold in the ore, and then extract the gold by electrolysis. With this refining method, the purity of gold can reach 99.9%.

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